Knapsack Battery Operated Sprayers


Chemical Tank Capacity Working Pressure Battery Weight
18 Litres 80 psi 12V 8.0 AMP 3 kg (w/o Battery)


  1. Suitable for different crops application
  2. 18 Lt. Capacity corrosion resistant HDPE tank with adjustable nylon straps assembly
  3. Diaphragm pump and lead chargeable battery
  4. Long delivery hose and Telescopic Lance
  5. Pressure regulator switch
  6. No fuel requirement, no pollution
  7. Adjustable shoulder straps
  8. Users friendly sprayer, easy to assemble, repair and maintain.
  9. More safety for the Operator & Environment.

General instruction

RALLI 21 2 IN 1 Battery Sprayer is provided with 18 ltr capacity High Density Polyethylene tank. It is suitable for large spraying operations in orchards, coffee & plantation.

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