Knapsack Sprayers


Chemical Tank Capacity Spraying Capacity Speed Range Engine Weight
20 Litres 3-5.5 Lt/ Minute 3000 - 6500 rpm 2 Stroke 22.6 cc 9 kg


  1. 20 Lt. HDPE Tank
  2. Sturdy HDPE blow moulded frame
  3. Supplied with 2 Stroke 22.6 cc Engine
  4. Walbro carburettor and NGK spark plug
  5. Pressure develops upto 400 psi
  6. Fuel efficient system
  7. Economic for spraying costly chemicals
  8. Chemical resistant tank
  9. Brass pump unit
  10. Ideal for all type of field crops and horticultural crops
  11. New improved Back Cushion
  12. User friendly & comfortable for operator

General instruction

High density HDPE tank 20 lit. Capacity with clean out port, adjustable shoulder straps with cushion, and 110 cm. long high pressure delivery hose, 2 ft. Long spray gun & straight rod 60 cm, 3 nozzle spray lance supplied with sprayer, forced air cooled 26cc petrol engine with reciprocating type brass metal pump & gear box.

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